CBD Isolate Powder (PRICE DROP ON 20G)


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1G $6 | 5G $20 | 10G $30 | 20G $35 | 50G $75

Now on the menu, from our new Shebd Water Soluble Collection: CBD isolate powder.

1 scoop=10mg a dosage of cbd.

1/4g is the typical dosage for complete full body relief. 1/4g serving spoons available upon request!

BULK ORDERS ON HAND ASK TODAY ABOUT KILOS OF CBD ISOLATE POWDER OR BROAD SPECTRUM FOR AS LOW AS 1,000$. Can be used to make tinctures, drink mixes, edibles of any kind and topicals. compare to the competition and come back and see us for kilos and half kilos for less than half the price of compete in products!

CBD powder can be added to any drink to provide powerful, non THC long lasting full body relief. Anecdotal and peer reviewed evidence suggests that it may be effective for seizures, PTSD, pain, anxiety and swelling.

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1G, 5G, 10G, 20G


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