Fusion Massage Jennifer Mich

Jennifer Mich, Fusion Massage

Jennifer is a Massage Therapist who is ABMP certified and has completed the 500 hour Massage Therapy Certification Program at Chico Therapy Wellness Center. She has over 650 hours of education and strives to be proficient in many different message styles and modalities to increase her ‘toolbox’ of skills.

Along with Swedish techniques, she specialize in Myofascial Release, Sports Injury Massage, Ashiatsu, and Table Thai (Thai massage that is performed on the massage table vs. the traditional mat on the floor).

Do you prefer deeper pressure? Try an Ashiatsu massage! In this session the masseuse will stand on the massage table and hold onto bars near the ceiling for balance.Then she uses her feet and partial weight of her body to message you. This modality uses slow, long, gliding strokes and allows her to apply deep, broad pressure. It can be very relaxing while achieving maximum res.

Jennifer is also the creator of our FUSION CBD line of topicals.
FUSION CBD massages are available for $65/hour (No time limit)
Mention SHÉ and get a 1 hour massage for $55!


Our massage therapists work hard, please keep all interactions professional 🙂
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